Meester Tweester is a character in the World of TWOW seasons 1 and 2.

He is a character in The World of TWOW. He stays in the sky, until he finds himself in front of Denny's. He manages to fight, and defeat Orange Cary.

In The Universe of TWOW, he meets up with Iyxon, Ping Pong Cup Shots, Yellow Cary, and Yellow Cary. In the end, everyone meets up to fight wrng_answr, who was Hoodiebook.

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Meester Tweester is a cool dude, and he thinks normal talk is boring. He likes to think he is a rapper that does his mixtapes 24/7. He also disses people who are mean to him, bully him, or, just a jerk to him in general. He is definitely a savage, but not a careless one, unlike Mike Ramsay. M.T's a true gangster.

Meester needs to get knowledge to help others, as he listens out for explanations of chalenges, when his team is safe, or eliminations, as he can not get his activities done without the sources.

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In his debut in TWOW 1A, he was a simple, blue and yellow book. At TWOW 14A to 20B, he was a sunny yellow, and orange book, with his former game tag, “SunnyCide↑.” This game tag was pronounced Sunny Side Up. In TWOW 21A, he has changed to Joseph Howard's book. In TWOW 22, he actually changes to a combination of all Final five T.W.O.Wers' appearances. In TWOW 23, he changes to his normal apearance, but he has his game tag removed. He is currently more orange, with the yellow is an orangey yellow, he has stripes, and there's yellow in his top left corner. For his current fan made TWOW book, he does not look much different, as the only thing that is really different is that the arrow is in a different place, it is bigger, and a different color.

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Meester Tweester is currently a living contestant in season 1.

According to Cary’s TWOW simulations, Meester Tweester currently has a 68.09% chance of making the final 2 and a 35.50% chance of winning the first season, the highest out of the final 3. He also got eliminated in TWOW 4B and TWIW 12B, but he was bought back. He is in the final 3, with Yessoan, and Midnight Light.

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