Part 5: "Mike the Edgelord" is the fifth episode of the World of TWOW season 1.

Synopsis Edit

Following the events of episode 4, Mike Ramsay, now unpossessed, remembers what happened before he was possessed: Mike, Yessoan and steveminecraft46 were possessed by Weirdbook, and they split up to find more books to attack. Mike finds Yessoan and Steve in a boat on Filler Lake, and he gets on another boat and shoots them with his gun, unpossessing them. Yessoan and Steve get back on the boat, and after telling Mike to stop being edgy, they tell him that they also possessed alexlion0511, TheMightyMidge, and The Futech Hacker.

In a scene that breaks the 4th wall, the TWOTWOW crew are talking about this episode they just made, but when Jennings AsYetUntitled realizes he should be in Weirdworld, wrng_answr finds king and they leave for Denny's, and Cody Nutt leaves to work on his show, fixylol is left alone.

Later, in Denny's, king still feels like he's missing out on something, and wrng is about to ask what kind of something, when Mike's motorcycle, riderless, suddenly hits wrng in the head.