{{Dia|Nerd|Man, I want a new car to impress Midnight Light, my girlfriend. But I have the Nerdmobile and she is not impressed. What should I do?}}

{{Dia|Nerd|I know. I will go to the car dealer and interchange the Nerdmobile with BMW X5.}}

{{Dia|Some nerd (The Pi Guy) gets on to the nerdmobile and goes to car dealer.}}

{{Dia|CodyManager|Hello. My name is Cody Nutt. Welcome to the Cody's Car Dealer. How can I help you?}}

{{Dia|Nerd|Excuse me. I would like a BMW X5, please?}}

{{Dia|CodyManager|Sure. How would you like to pay?}}

{{Dia|Nerd|With Nerdmobile.}}

{{Dia|CodyManager|Ok. Let me show you.}}

{{Dia|Cody Nutt goes to BMW X5 to show it to Some nerd (The Pi Guy).}}

{{Dia|CodyManager|Here. This wıll be your new car. If you give me the payment, your car will be yours.}}

{{Dia|Nerd|Ok. Here is the Nerdmobile.}}

{{Dia|CodyManager|Thanks. Have a nice day.}}

{{Dia|Some nerd (The Pi Guy) gets on to his new car, BMW X5 and drives into Midnight's house.}}

{{Dia|Nerd|Hey darling. Would you like to have a trip with me?}}


{{Dia|Midnight|Wow. Nice car do you have. Where did you get?}}

{{Dia|Nerd|from Cody's car dealer.}}

{{Dia|Midnight|Ooo! Of course I will have a trip with you.}}

{{Dia|Nerd|Then, come on. Get on.}}

{{Dia|Midnight|Ok. :)}}

{{Dia|After Midnight gets on to Nerd's new car, they're having a trip and the story ends with happy ending.}}